Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool Disclaimer

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the “Fire Safety Order” (FSO), a responsible person is defined as a person in control of the premises. This could be the employer, the trade or business occupier, or the owner – or any other person with control. In practice, this may be a landlord, the building manager or managing agent.

By completing the Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool, you agree that the information being used to complete the questions is accurate.

The Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool should only be used by someone who is a responsible person, or person(s) who is acting on behalf of the responsible person in relation to their duties under the FSO. The tool has been developed specifically for use by those person in the context of prioritisation of the discharge of those duties when they have more than one set of premises to consider.

Responsible persons for commercial premises

If you are responsible person for commercial premises (i.e. there are no dwellings within the building at all and is entirely dedicated to non-domestic use) then you do not need to complete the Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool.

Individuals or organisations who are not responsible persons under the FSO

If you are not a responsible person, then you should not complete any part of the Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool.

There is a risk that if you complete this tool without the accurate information about a building (information more likely to be comprehensively held by the responsible person or persons acting on their behalf for the purposes of complying with duties in the FSO) the priority rating will be inaccurate.